John Vickers, Owner/Operator —

  • I am a Christian, having been born again in Sept. 1972.
  • I am 60 and have been in this business since Easter 1997.
  • I worked for the Canadian Federal Government  for 23 years as (a) a Contracting Officer and (b) Material Manager. I also taught WHMIS and Dangerous Goods.
  • Being a visual guy – website design, building gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
  • I’m an alcoholic now sober 24 years.
  • I quit smoking in 1972.
  • I am obese.

I like to have work to do, to keep me busy and productive. That’s why I am praying/seeking more contract work. I’m advertising on both and

Re Design & Development — No project is too big or too small for consideration.  In the case of non-profits e.g.: churches, sports teams etc. I’m sure we can work something out.

I pride myself on service excellence every stage of your project.


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