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We specialize in turn-key WordPress solutions for small business including but not limited to Church, Non-Profits, Real Estate, Spa, Groomer, Medical Clinic / Office etc. Why WordPress? WordPress presently powers 29.2% of all websites world-wide. And it’s been reported that fully 20% of all new websites are built on WordPress.

WordPress software is free, isn’t it? Yes its free and you can certainly install it and build your own site. However, many organizations don’t have the time for trial and error, trying things they think will work but maybe don’t and so on and so forth. That’s where we come in with our turn-key solution.

What does our solution cost?  $CA 499, plus $CA 35 per month for hosting and keeping the WordPress core files up to date freeing you to concentrate on your content. Is there any hidden additional cost? No, but depending on choices you make there could be additional cost in commercial extras either made on your behalf, or that your incur directly e.g.: premium theme, commercial plugins, subscription services, etc.

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  1. The $35 per month hosting and site maintenence (a $CA 69 Value) fee does not include updating your content. You are 100% responsible for that.  Don’t feel up to that, or don’t have the time, we can provide that service for an additional monthly fee of $CA 45. e.g.: $CA 35 plus $CA 45 = $CA 80 per month.
  2. The cost of the theme you decide upon is for one theme, not all four. If for any reason you want to change the theme you are using you will need to purchase the alternate theme. Don’t worry about integration problems with your content – 99% of the time there won’t be any but if you happen to run into a problem you are covered by your annual support agreement.
  3. John Vickers Design & Hosting does not charge any tax at this time.
  4. If you site becomes larger than 10 GB’s an additional 10 GB’s is $CA 10 per month and so on.
  5. All prices quoted herein are subject to adjustment at our sole discretion.

How long have you been designing/building websites? Since May 1989