We are available to design a new website or update an existing website to meet your business or personal needs.

How much do we charge?

This depends on what you do and what your needs are.

Scenario 1:  You are a bon-a-fide non-profit. Our in house labour will be $25/hr. If we need a Programmer for a special part of your project then those hours will be added at their going rate. Typically $150/hr. & up.

Scenario 2: You are a business, home-based, small company or enterprise to us business is business. Your goal is to make money and so is ours. Our in house labour will be $65/hr.

Please refer to our Rate Card for more information.

How long have you been designing/building websites?

Since May 1989 as Windrush Marketing with offices in Ucluelet and Victoria, B.C. Next with DD&H Services based in Central Saanich, B.C. and now as myself, John Vickers in Saanichton, B.C.