Small Business Website

Having decided to have us build a turn-key WordPress solution for you business what are the next steps. In the physical world if you are starting a business it would be Location, location, location which on the web translates to the look and style of your website. In WordPress this is called a theme and there are thousands and thousands of themes out there. Most of which are free but a growing number are commercial or premium, meaning that there is a cost to them. This might be an annual subscription, a membership or a one time fee. It all depends on the policy of the theme author.

If you choose or we choose for you a free theme there will be no additional charge above our $CA 499 build fee. If you choose a commercial or premium theme the cost of this theme shall be a disbursement made on your behalf and it will be added to our $CA 499 build fee. In the last few years we’ve used more commercial or premium themes. Take for example our site we chose the “Small Business Theme” by D5 Creation and we are delighted with it.

Alright so what comes after the look and style of your website has been decided? Content, content, content. Getting people to visit your site once is not difficult, getting people to keep coming back depends entirely on content. On the freshness and the quality of the content and if your selling online also to pricing etc.