I am a WordPress expert. Which means I can handle every aspect of your WordPress powered website from basic installation, through development, host it and even maintain it if you do not have the time. Click here for more information about WordPressWordPress Installation — Whether you install your WordPress site or I do there is no charge for this part. If you want me to do the work for you please refer to my Rate Card.

I invite work for bon-a-fide non profits for which I will provide a discount.

NOTE: For website design and building generally I want a 40% deposit based on our agreed budget before I begin. I find when a client is invested in their project things work much better in every way.

Additional Expenses — You also pay for any out of pocket expense such as but not limited to:  software fees, domain name, etc.Taxes — I do not charge any tax unless I am charged tax on my out of pocket expenses (line above).

Justifying my rate

  • I am not paid for searching for work. This can take up many hours at $0 per hour.
  • I am not paid for doing an initial consultation with a potential client.
  • I own my your own equipment, software, power.
  • I pay for an above average Internet connection.
  • If I have equipment problems such as a computer breaking down I pay Chris Batten of DTI Computers to fix it. Chris also builds new systems for me to my specification.
  • I am not paid for sick days or stat holidays.
  • I am not paid for research, upgrading my skills or thinking about a current contract in my off time.
  • There are no paid holidays.
  • I pay all of my CPP and OAS contributions and I save for my retirement with no assistance from an employer.

I  host websites of all types, except adult, but specialize in WordPress. Please click here for our current plans.

I host email only solutions as shown here.


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