Websites — $500 and up depending on complexity etc. How long will it take me? Typically 1 – 3 days. Time largely depends on you, if you know what you want and have your copy all ready to go it will be faster then if you don’t.

Can I see some examples? — These three were $500 sites each.

This next one was $2,500 —

  • A Snug Harbour Inn aka Awesome View in Ucluelet, BC  The project lasted on and off 90 days and I did not get the final copy etc. until 2 days before the site had to be open. This site originally was about 40 pages and I did it all in the 2 days.

This next one I built, I host and I maintain — cost $0

  • Church of Our Lord, Victoria, B.C. This is a Canadian national heritage site. I attend this church and this is truly a labour of love of Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior. If I had to value it … $40,000 + to date.

What is the biggest site I have ever done — Without a doubt one for a International logging company. Presently I can not remember the company name. Anyway if that project had been completed, they cancelled it, it would have run +/- $100,000.

Have I had any award winners?– Yes I have. A Snug Harbour Inn shown above won awards as did Ucluelet Development Land and Salmon Beach.