Billing Policy

DD&H SERVICES uses the WHM.AUTOPILOT Automated Billing Management System which is a complete web host management system that includes a feature rich product profile system, billing management and support.

The major benefits for DD&H of this system is that it is 100% integrated with our online client ordering system and our Web Host Management (WHM) system.

Existing and new clients can order services here or you can browse the services we offer here.

Client Benefits (in no particular order):

  • no invoices in Canada Post.
  • online account management.
  • from your online account keep your profile up to date – most especially your email address and telephone number(s); print invoices, complete billing history; latest client news; request support.
  • upgrade, downgrade, request cancellation, order new services all from you online account.
  • payment reminders for domain name renewals are sent 30-days in advance.
  • payment reminders for hosting billing begin 15-days before the due date and continue until 15 days past due. On the 31st day service is automatically suspended.
  • etc., etc.


Other benefits to DD&H include (in no particular order):

  • faster payment of bills.
  • automated service suspension when a payment is overdue and automated service reinstatement when the invoice is paid.
  • automated invoice reminders.
  • automated account termination (deletes, email, ftp, web files, databases).
  • automated, almost instant, account creation. Depending on system loads your hosting request should be up and operational in under 4 hrs. Many times in as little as 5 minutes.
  • automated start of additional servers as service loads dictate.
  • etc.