Business Listing

Make it Easier to Find Your Website

  • Increase Your Rank in Search Engines
  • Publish Your Site in a Popular Online Directory
  • Advertise Your Business in the Whois Directory

What does Business Listing show that is different from regular Whois?

Business Listing allows you to supply specific information about your business, domain name, website, or blog that visitors don’t find in the Whois. For example, you can post business hours, list brands you sell, or let people know that a domain is for sale. In contrast, most other registrars’ Whois shows only the contact information for the domain.

What is Whois?

Whois is the contact information that international rules require for every domain name registered worldwide. Normally, Whois includes only the registrant’s name, street address, and email address. With Business Listing, your Whois information can also display business hours, a phone number, and information about your business such as the services or brands you offer.

Whether your website is brand new or existing we highly recommend you participate in this optional service.